CBR – Your Trusted College Planning Advisors

College Bound Recruiting (CBR) is a San Diego based college recruiting firm that specializes in helping parents and student athletes in navigating all the complexities associated with planning and executing a precision based college search plan. We have been helping families plan for and realize college dreams since 2007. We offer a unique set of advisory consulting, comprehensive web services, digital media and recruiting education services to simplify the process and to develop a written plan that maps out what needs to done and the key tasks associated with major milestones. We are not a company that conducts a large volume of business with hundreds or thousands of clients, but rather a high performance experienced team of experts located right here is Southern California who work with a select group of families. We focus exclusively of the unique requirements of your family and student athlete by sitting down face to face on an ongoing basis to ensure all the critical elements your college search and recruiting plan are known and properly tracked together as a joint team. If you are searching for that personalized experience, superior interaction and customized approach that leverages a proven framework, then we are the right choice for your family. I invite you to review the “Compare & Contrast” section of our website to understand the differences between various recruiting service providers.

CBR strives to bring your family additional opportunities to send your student athlete to a four year college by surgically pursing athletic scholarships, Merit based scholarships in conjunction with academic preparation & guidance.  By design we elect to a commit to a small but very elite group of clients so we can build long term relationships with parents and athletes in order to put you in control of the collegiate recruiting process. Precision planning leads to optimum results.

Start early, choose the right provider and work diligently across a written plan for execution.


Precision planning, optimum results